Plant Protection Examination

Every professional user of plant protection must have obtained a valid plant protection exam:

  • Every individual who uses plant protection product in their profession: Agriculture, horticulture and forestry
  • Products classified for professional use may be urchased and used only by persons who have passed the plant protection examination
  • The examination also applies to vendors of plant protection products

Plant Protection Exam (Comprehensive)

Applies to all farmers and gardeners and entitles purchase and use of all plant protection products including forestry protection products

Plant Protection degree in forestry (limited degree)

Eligible to purchase and use preparations approved for the control of root rot, glyphosate products approved for forest management and products that have repellent effects against deer.

Study material

Here you can find the link to Tukes – study material. Please study before taking the examination!

Take the Plant Protection Exam

Finally, you can take a plant protection exam directly online and costs only 39,95€ (incl. VAT). All you need to do to get started is to identify yourself with your bank codes via the service and pay via Klarna.

To the Exam

By accepting this security, you warrant that you will act correctly and in accordance with the rules. Only after approval will you be eligible for the qualification.



Read the study material

Read through the study material before taking the examination


Validate identity

You identify yourself through and with your bank codes


The payment is done through Klarna and you receive a receipt for your payment. You need your bank codes to pay


Take the exam

The exam contains 20 questions for plant protection exams, if you choose the limited degree for forestry, the test includes 10 questions


Get the certificate

When you have completed the examination, a certificate will be sent directly to your specified e-mail address

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